Integrated Demand & Supply Planning System (IPS)

Improve forecast accuracy. Eliminate complexity in the multi-layer planning process.

With broad product portfolios, wide-ranging supply bases and numerous delivery channels, generating accurate forecasts and integrating demand and supply planning is harder than ever.

Improve forecasts by leveraging our custom stochastic models & rapid machine learning. Cut across the planning siloes and generate a unified demand, inventory and supply plan.

With our configurable and cost effective Planning System, you get

  • A Solution that is tailored for you
  • Lightening speed deployments
  • Enthusiastic & Quick absorption
  • Rapid ROI

Our demand and supply planning system allows you to:

  • Predict existing and new product demand better by leveraging custom stochastic modeling and rapid machine learning
  • Analyze comparable old products with similar product life cycle to forecast new products
  • Create a customized view of the demand and supply plan appropriate for each user
  • Communicate collaboratively with relevant decision makers to create the aligned demand and supply plan
  • Automatically track scenarios and assumptions and identify gaps to the financial plan to make S&OP meetings far more effective

Core Functionalities that Deliver

Forecasting & Demand Planning

Inventory Optimization

Supply Planning

Sales & Operations Planning


Additional Functionalities that Enhance..

Standardize & customize as needed

Set centralized policies across business units such as DOS, desired service levels, etc, while allowing business units to override as needed. Measure performance against standards. Leverage automation to drive rapid change management across the organization.

Embedded Control Tower Visibility, Reporting & Decision Support

To cut across the siloes, end to end visibility across the different planning areas is critical. Pull data and create reports from the universal data layer. You can customize the look, feel, filters and focus on the relevant data subset of your reports. Different members of the team can save the personalized view they want on a single chart without the need for multiple custom views. Drill down and generate insights at the speed of mouse clicks.

Results Driving Advanced Analytics

We put the best minds in academics and industry to develop relevant analytics and optimization models and embed them in our systems to work for you. Let our adaptive analytics enhance your decision making, ensure high efficiencies and consequently high returns.

Customizable, Configurable, Cost Effective

In addition to the loads of standard and easily configurable functionalities, our modular approach to process flow, makes it easy to tailor the system on the fly without adding substantial costs. Advanced users in your team can eventually configure the system on their own to add or modify processes as business requirements change. Enjoy an expansive list of future functionalities, that you can grow into at an affordable price.

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